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      • plethysmographs
      • Plethysmographs

        Plethysmography is a standard method for studying pulmonary function in laboratory rodents.

      • 73-2415
      • Single-Chamber Plethysmograph

        Acute respiratory measurement can take place with an intubated animal placed in a Type 853 plethysmograph box. This reduces the dead space in the respiratory path. The pneumotachometer is not needed and is replaced by the screens in the plethysmograph box.

      • capstar100
      • CAPSTAR 100 CO2 Analyzer

        The Capstar-100 Carbon Dioxide Analyzer provides continuous measurement of expired CO2 over the range 0-10 percent. Its rapid response time, small sample flow requirements, and long-term stability make it ideal for respiratory gas measurement of rodents and larger animals.

      • mri-1
      • MRI-1 Small Animal Ventilators

        The MRI-1 Ventilator is a small animal ventilator designed for use in MRI and other high magnetic field environments.

      • sar-830
      • SAR-830 Volume-Cycled Small Animal Ventilators

        All ventilators operate on the flow-time principle. This method uses a constant flow of gas, which is gated into the animal for a known time, thus producing a known volume (flow x time = volume).

      • q-cpx
      • Q-CPX System

        A collaborative design effort between Qubit Systems and Morgan Scientific has led to the Q-CPX Breath by Breath Cardio-Pulmonary System. The focal point of the development was to provide an advanced system suitable for teaching and research in university kinesiology and physiology labs.

      • q-s151
      • Q-S151 CO2 Analyzer 0-2000ppm

        Q-S151 Infrared CO2 Analyzer is a non-dispersive infrared CO2 analyzer that measures CO2 in 0 to 2000 ppm range with 1 ppm resolution. Dependable technology rugged and modular for easy fit in our Q-Box Packages or for stand alone use.

      • s104
      • S104 DOX Differential O2 Analyzer

        Qubit Systems' S104 Differential O2 Analyzer (DOX) is the world's only patented differential oxygen analyzer with a resolution of ± 1 ppm O2 against a background of air.

      • s147
      • S147 Rapid Response O2/CO2

        The S147 Rapid Response O2/CO2 Analyzer combines both a laser diode O2 sensor and an infrared CO2 detector.

      • hr1lp
      • Q-Box HR1LP Human Respiration

        The Q-Box HR1LP Human Respirometry Package allows users to conduct numerous safe, exciting investigations in respiratory and cardiovascular physiology. The equipment and instruments are simple to set up and operate.

      • s102
      • Q-S102 O2 Analyzer

        Qubit Systems' Q-S102 O2 Analyzer is configured for measuring oxygen concentration in a flow through gas exchange systems in 0-25% or 0-100% range with 0.21% accuracy.