CLAMS Comprehensive Lab Animal Monitoring System: Oxymax-CLAMS

  • oxymax clams
  • Columbus Instruments Comprehensive Lab Animal Monitoring System CLAMS is the premiere system of its kind. Incorporating sub-systems for open circuit calorimetry, activity, body mass, feeding, drinking, food access control, running wheel, urine collection, sleep detection, body core temperature and heart rate in an optional environmental chamber: Oxymax/CLAMS is the one-test solution for simultaneous multi parameter assessment of 1 to 32 test animals.

    Oxymax/CLAMS is constructed on a semi-custom basis incorporating parameters and features specific to your research. Any system can be expanded by way of more chambers and/or features at any time.

    Operation of Oxymax/CLAMS and data collection is performed by an integrated program. The resulting secure data sets can be exported to Comma Separated Value (CSV) files and provide the link between Oxymax/CLAMS and your existing data analysis tools. Additional data reduction tools allow for the de-collating of data by parameter to facilitate analysis from a parameter perspective. All data can be reviewed graphically & numerically in real-time during collection.

    Oxymax/CLAMS provides fully automated operation for experiments lasting up to three days. Food and water may be replenished during experiment execution without the need for system restart.

    keyword : physiology, respiratory, columbus instruments