• Inscopix

    The Leader In Miniature Microscopy
    For Circuit Neuroscience!

    INSCOPIX : Implatable
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  • mappinglab

    Professional cardiac electrophysiology experimental system!

    Mapping system
    for Cardiac research
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  • oroboros

    High-Resolution FluoRespirometry
    For Mitochondria & Cell Researches!

    OROBOROS : O2k System
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  • sr-research

    Multiple Eye Tracking Solution In One!

    SR Reaserch :
    EyeLink®1000 Plus
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  • noldus

    Most Widely Applied Video Tracking Software!

    NOLDUS : EthoVision® XT
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  • tdt

    Expand Your Research Capabilities With
    Complete Control Of All LED Driver Parameters!

    TDT : Fiber Photometry
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  • sutter

    Maximize your Electrophysiology
    Data Collection!

    SUTTER : Quality
    Precision &
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  • aurora

    Go Beyond Isometric Measurements!

    AURORA : 1200A
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