Q-S151 CO2 Analyzer 0-2000ppm

  • q-s151
  • Q-S151 Infrared CO2 Analyzer is a non-dispersive infrared CO2 analyzer that measures CO2 in 0 to 2000 ppm range with 1 ppm resolution. Dependable technology rugged and modular for easy fit in our Q-Box Packages or for stand alone use. Q-S151 is ideal for CO2 exchange measurements with leaves, insects, small animals or organisms with a low metabolic rate. It is also excellent for measuring soil respiratory activity in situ in the field and in the lab.

    This CO2 analyzer may be used in a flow-through system configuration for instantaneous and continuous measurements of CO2 exchange. It can also be used in a closed system mode for measurements at extremely low activity levels. The Q-S151 is also ideal as part of Qubit Systems’ carbon dioxide control system for regulating pCO2 in growth cabinet or rooms. Contact Qubit for more information on such systems.

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    keyword : physiology, respiratory, qubit systems