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      • siskiyou tissue slicer
      • Tissue Slicer

        The MX-TS tissue slicer consistently slices sectioned cortical or hippocampal tissue to either a 200-, 300-, or 400-μm thickness in a straightforward operation. Thicknesses are selected by simply replacing the lead screw on the frame winder.

      • siskiyou chambers
      • Siskiyou Perfusion Chambers

        The PC series perfusion chambers have embedded magnets that are conveniently located to retain perfusion plumbing and ground plugs.

      • Heated Chamber Stage
      • Heated Chamber Stage

        The Heated Chamber Stage (HCS) from ALA is the ideal solution for maintaining physiological temperatures in 35mm Petri dishes or ALA’s imaging and recording chambers. The stage fits on top of most standard microscope stages including Zeiss, Nikon, Leica, and Olympus.

      • Oocyte Perfusion Chamber
      • Oocyte Perfusion Chamber

        The Oocyte Perfusion Chamber (MS-OPC) from ALA allows the user to constantly replace the bottom of the dish while leaving the rest of the dish intact.