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      • ml282-x
      • Human NIBP Set

        The Human NIBP Set allows you to make non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) measurements from finger arterial pressure.

      • pl3508b35
      • Mikro-Tip BP Foundation System

        The Mikro-Tip BP Foundation System is configured for measuring blood pressure in small through to large animals and provides compatibility with a wide range of Mikro-Tip pressure catheter.

      • ml283
      • Human NIBP Controller

        Manufactured by Finapres Medical Systems (FMS) and based on the Finapres 1000 Main Unit, the Human NIBP Controller is a high-end device that has be

      • mrbp
      • Mouse Rat Tail Cuff Blood Pressure System

        Only system that can measure blood pressure on mice to monkeys MRI compatible and anesthesized animals Validated to Telemetry and direct blood pressure 1 to 200 animals tested at a time. Independent control of each channel.

      • nibp
      • Blood Pressure Monitor Non Invasive: NIBP

        The Columbus Instruments Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) Monitor can monitor systolic, diastolic, mean blood pressure, as well as heart rate with 7% accuracy in one to eight rats or mice.

      • bp-2
      • Blood Pressure Monitor: BP-2

        The Columbus Instruments BP-2 Blood Pressure Computer is intended for accurate measurements of blood pressure in a variety of animals, from horses to mice, utilizing intravenous or arterial catheters and a blood pressure transducer.

      • bp-100
      • Full-featured Blood Pressure Monitor

        The BP-100 is a complete BP monitor for small animals. Fully automatic setup, with systolic, diastolic, mean, and HR displayed on high-visibility VFD display. Analog outputs for raw BP signal and all measurements are provided for recording.

      • ta-100
      • Simple 1-channel BP System

        The TA-100 is a compact, stand-alone amplifier with wide sensitivity range and low-pass filter. Has front-panel LCD with numeric and bar-graph readout of pressure.

      • pressure catheters
      • IPL-1 Core Isolated Perfused Lung System for Mouse

        emka TECHNOLOGIES offers Transonic Scisense Pressure Catheters for use with rodents (mice and rats) and large animals (from rabbits to cows). These Catheters have solid state sensors mounted at the tip that measure pressures with a high degree of precision.

      • sys-bp1
      • Blood Pressure Monitor

        An audio monitor provides a signal with variable pitch and amplitude, allowing you to hear changes in blood pressure. Digital LCD display provides average or peak signal values from 0 to 1999 mV.