LabTrax 4-Channel Data Acquisition

  • The Lab-Trax-4 (standard) device offers 16-bit resolution over the ±10V input range and exhibit less than a millivolt of noise. Data communication as well as power is managed over the USB port, making it easy to use a laptop or a low-profile desktop computer that may not be equipped with expansion slots or serial ports. Data is delivered to the recorder by way of very standard front-panel-mounted BNC connectors. The available Lab-Trax hardware together with WPI’s range of signal conditioners and the LabScribe software make it the perfect choice for research systems addressing cardiovascular studies, blood pressure, cardiac electrophysiology, hemodynamic studies of the pulmonary and coronary systems, and studies of isolated tissues in organ or tissue baths. Equipment from WPI can also be used to tailor systems for epithelial studies, and many applications in neurophysiology.

    keyword : physiology, cardiovascular, blood pressure, wpi