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      • MouseOx - Pulse Oximeter for Mice Rats
      • MouseOx - Pulse Oximeter for Mice & Rats

        The MouseOx® is the world’s first and only patented non-invasive vital signs monitor, for small laboratory animals; specifically designed for mice, it can be used on larger rodents too!

      • MouseOx - Pulse Oximeter for Mice Rats
      • Blood Pressure Recorder, non Invasive

        The BP Recorder, which is basically a recording “Riva Rocci sphygmomanometer”, has been conceived to provide an objective precise recording of the systolic and diastolic blood pressure of every processed rodent.

      • blood pressure monitor direct
      • Blood Pressure Monitor

        Digital display of systolic, diastolic, and mean pressure, plus heart rate. These highly accurate monitors are used with implanted catheters and a transducer to monitor blood pressure directly.

      • Culture Myograph Systems - 202CM & 204CM

        The Culture Myograph System - 202CM is designed to provide long-term functional preservation of small blood vessels by maintaining them under controlled culture conditions of intravascular pressure and flow.

      • Pressure Myograph

        The Pressure myograph systems are used to measure the physiological function and properties of small arteries, veins and other vessels.

      • Optical pressure sensor
      • Micro Optical Pressure Sensor

        FISO’s catheters offer significant advantages over traditional solid-state catheters, while maintaining an excellent performance in signal integrity and frequency response.