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      • Vibrating Microtome 7000
      • Vibrating Microtome 7000

        Our top of the range high precision, vibrating microtome, this is the finest slicer in the world for preparations for visual patch clamping. Cold light and scope or magnifier are optional.

      • VIBRATING MICROTOME 5100MZ Model 5100mz
      • Vibrating Microtome 5100mz

        The 5100mz is a very competitively priced, high precision, vibrating microtome which shares many features with the top of the range 7000smz series, such as the vibrating mechanism, the inner and outer tissue baths and the easy to use control system.

      • VIBRATING MICROTOME 5100MZ-PLUS Model 5100mz-Plus

        The 5100-Plus is perfect for those who need to keep slices viable for longer e.g. for electrophysiological field recordings.