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      • 71000 Automated Stereotaxic
      • 71000 Automated Stereotaxic

        71000 automated stereotaxic instrument is a more automatic and intelligent brain stereotactic locator. Stepper motor is precise-ly controlled by computer software to drive the manipulator of the stereotactic locator to move.

      • Desktop Digital Stereotaxic Instruments 68025
      • Desktop Digital Stereotaxic Instruments

        This instrument combines all features of the Standard Stereotaxic Instrument, with the addition of a displacement transducer and compact LCD display, allowing real-time coordination presentation of all three axes within 10 μm resolution.

      • Stereotaxic for Rat, SGL M, 18 Deg. 68001
      • Standard Stereotaxic Instruments

        Standard Stereotaxic Instruments is the basic equipment of neuroscience research(100 micron resolution) . The “U”-shaped frame design ensures stability. Replace the rat and mouse adapter to realize the positioning of the brain area of the rat and the mouse.