Pulsemaster Multi-Channel Stimulator

  • Transducers, Stimulators, Electrodes
  • The Pulsemaster™ (Model A300) is WPI's third generation, multichannel, pulse/train generator/stimulator that combines the superb accuracy of digital electronics with the you-see-what-you-get displays only available on single-channel products. In one compact rack mountable enclosure, the Pulsemaster contains an event interval generator, five pulse train channels, two mixing channels and a very quiet variable voltage output channel. System timing is accurate to 100 ppm; output timing is continuously variable in 0.1% of full scale increments over a range of eight orders of magnitude. Bright, three-digit LED displays continuously and simultaneously show all the variable timing parameters. The Pulsemaster is designed for ease of use and flexibility.

    keyword : physiology, transducer, stimulator, electrode, wpi