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      • Power1401-3A

        The Power1401-3A is our latest high-performance data acquisition interface. It uses advanced processor technology to give you all the power and flexibility you need in a state-of-the-art laboratory interface.

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      • Micro1401-3

        The Micro1401-3 is a low cost, versatile data acquisition unit. The on-board processor with high speed memory is optimised for real time processing, free from the constraints of the host computer operating system. Fast and accurate sampling coupled with simultaneous output offers extensive on-line experimental control.

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      • ER•10B+ Microphone

        The ER-10B+ Low Noise™ DPOAE Microphone has a flat frequency response through 10 kHz, with a noise level 10 dB below that of the human ear.

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      • ER•10C Microphone

        The ER-10C Low Noise™ DPOAE Microphone has a built-in sound source, eliminating the need for separate earphones. Battery operation eliminates ground loop problems.

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      • ER•7C Probe Microphone Series B

        The ER-7C Series B microphone has an equalized flat frequency response to 10 kHz, providing accurate measurements even in small ear canals. It contains a convenient built-in calibrator, and the preamplifier is battery operated, preventing ground loop problems.

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      • UltraVoxTM XT

        Capture the full acoustic spectrum to process and analyze rodent ultrasonic calls and other animal vocalizations.

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      • Avisoft-Bioacoustics CM16/CMPA

        The condenser microphone Avisoft Bioacoustics CM16/CMPA provides a good compromise between sensitivity and flatness of the frequency response. It consists of an externally polarized metalized film diaphragm and a metal back plate.

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      • USG Electret Ultrasound Microphone

        The Avisoft Bioacoustics electret ultrasound microphone is a cost-effective model that employs an FG-series electret capsule by Knowles.

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      • USG Electret Ultrasound Stick Microphone

        The Avisoft Bioacoustics Knowles FG-S electret ultrasound microphone is prepared for the installation at the tower of large wind turbines for monitoring bat activity near the lower rotor blade tip.

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      • Spike2 Software

        Spike2 is a multi-channel continuous data acquisition and analysis package..