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      • aquatic control

        Qubit Systems offer aquatic control systems to regulate temperature, pH, dissolved CO2 and O2 levels in up to 4 channels/tanks independently. The systems are customized to user specifications and cover various ranges and tank sizes.

      • aquatic respiration
      • xAquatic Respiration

        Our Q-Box AQUA Package is designed for 1 channel aquatic respiration measurements (dissolved oxygen (DO) depletion) with intermittent open flow system. For small aquatic organisms AQUA-mini is more suitable. Rates of DO depletion in larvae, eggs and microorganisms may be measured using our OX1LP Dissolved Oxygen systems.

      • plants respiration
      • Plants Respiration

        Measure respiration of plants (leaves, shoots and roots) with Q-Box Plant CO2 analysis package. To measure O2 exchange rates from a single leaf consider our differential oxygen analyzer S104 DOX with resolution of ±1 ppm against 21% O2 background in air. Multiple sample measurement are available when gas switching system is included.

      • soil respiration
      • Soil Respiration

        With Q-Box SR1LP Soil Respiration Package one can monitor soil CO2 exchange in vivo in the field or in samples collected from the field and brought back to the lab. Alternatively, use our CO2 analyzer and other environmental sensors with your own software, data interface and accessories for a custom system.

      • plant photosynthesis
      • Plant Photosynthesis

        Plant photosynthesis can be measured as CO2 gas exchange with our Q-Box CO650 Plant CO2 Analysis Package in single leaves or with the gas switching system in up to 4 leaves per experiment. For measurements of O2 exchange in open flow system Qubit offers S104 DOX differential Oxygen Analyzer which can measure ppm changes of O2 levels agains 21% background of Air.

      • algae photosynthesis
      • Algae Photosynthesis

        Measurements of algal photosynthesis can be made with our FL23 Algal CO2 Package as CO2 exchange in the head space of an algal chamber. Changes in dissolved CO2 and O2 in algal liquid suspension can be made with our dissolved CO2 and O2 systems.

      • Aquatic Animal Plant Algae Soil
      • Animal

        Study respiration of small and large Animals with Qubit CO2 and O2 gas analyzers.

      • Aquatic Animal Plant Algae Soil
      • Nitrogen Fixation

        Qubit Systems manufactures the only gas exchange system for measurements of nitrogenase enzyme activity in nodulated roots that evolve H2 gas Q-Box NF1LP.

      • Aquatic Animal Plant Algae Soil
      • xImaging Fluorescence

        Chlorophyll Fluorescence Imaging provides means for noninvasive studies of photosynthetic parameters.

      • Aquatic Animal Plant Algae Soil
      • xNon-Imaging Fluorescence

        Chlorophyll Fluorescence measurements provide non-invasive means of studying photosynthetic processes.