Company infomation

Scitech Korea Inc.

  • Since Scitech Korea Inc. established in 1986,
    it has grown amazingly over decades years thanks to our valued customers
    in the field of Science.

    We have all the time tried to contribute to offer innovative solution
    to the scientists in the field of Physiology, Pharmacology, Bioscience and Neuroscience
    by providing with solid Lab-Instruments and software
    from the leading manufacturers over the world.

    We pride ourselves on supporting the scientific community in Korea
    with accurate and powerful instruments in the highest resolution, reliable
    & flexible scientific information such as high confidential data,
    resolution and strong customer service.

    Today, first of all ScitechKorea is focusing on offering the best customer service
    to be destined to Lifetime free service in domestic to the valued customers,
    which will give a full satisfaction and easy mind in using the system supplied by us.

    In addition, ScitechKorea has developed successfully "Fuel Cell Test Station" over 2 decades,
    which is considered as third generation energy solution.
    The system has been supplied consistently to the leading manufacturers
    in the field of Fuelcell Energy and contributed a pivot role in development
    of the future clean energy.

Company Structure

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Company History

  • 1986.01:
  • Founded as JeSe Trading Company
  • Supplied research equipment in the bio research sector
  • 2000.06:
  • Rebranded and incorporated as Scitech Korea Inc.
  • 2004.02:
  • Expanded business domain into the green energy sector
  • 2007.00:
  • Successfully completed the in-house development of the Fuel Cell Test Station
  • 2010.11:
  • Established an R&D Center
  • Achieved ISO 9001:2007 certification for quality management system
  • 2011.03:
  • Established a manufacturing plant
  • 2015.06:
  • Established a branch in Daejeon, South Korea
  • 2015.06:
  • Started supplying the developed Fuel Cell Test Station (2kW+)
  • 2018.00:
  • Started supplying the developed Fuel Cell Test Station (50kW+)
  • 2020.00:
  • Successfully completed the in-house development of the Water Electrolizer Test Station
  • 2022.00:
  • Started supplying the developed Fuel Cell Test Station (100kW+)
  • 2022.08:
  • Secured certification as a hydrogen specialist company
  • 2023.01:
  • Achieved ISO 45001:2018 certification for occupational health and safety management systems