Wireless Neural Systems

  • Wireless Neural Systems
  • Wireless neural recording foundation system featuring wireless technology made by Triangle BioSystems International (TBSI). For single or multiple subjects, ideal for use with rodents. Acquire single unit or field potential activity at fast sampling rates from freely moving subjects within a transmission range of up to 4 meters. Easily manage and analyze spike-train data in LabChart and LabChart Pro software with the Spike Histogram and Peak Analysis Add-Ons, or acquire synchronized video recordings using the Video Capture Add-On.

    Systems can be ordered in several different configurations depending on your requirements (to be specified at the time of purchase).

    Configurations include:

    • 5 or 15 channels (for recording 5 or 15 independent neural signals) • Single, dual or triple (5 channel version only) systems for simultaneous recording from multiple subjects

    • Mains power voltage options (110-115 V or 220-240 V)

    Note that TBSI Headstage Transmitters are required and need to be purchased separately. Headstage options must be specified at time of purchase.

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