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      • Mayflower Horizontal Tissue Bath System
      • All Education System

        We create tools to help you teach the way you want to because we know how important face-to-face teaching is for students – how much it can strengthen understanding and fire up interest. Everyone has a story about a teacher that influenced their life.

      • Graz Tissue Bath System
      • Advenced Life Science

        The same software that is essential to your own research can form the foundation for your advanced undergraduate and postgraduate labs. Our LabChart experiments allow your students to work through complex methods step by step, building knowledge of important physiological concepts and vital skills for a career in science.

      • Steiert Tissue Bath System
      • Medicine

        The Pre-Clinical Medical Collection in Lt uses real patient cases to provide students with a medically relevant learning experience, both in and out of the laboratory. Students are engaged through active learning and self-evaluation as they progress through a structured series of tutorials, pre-lab quizzes, laboratories, case studies and evaluations.

      • Perfusion Bath for Tubular Organs
      • Nursing

        In a world with distracting new technologies and information overload, we're working hard to keep your Nursing students focused on what's important: people.