Combined LEDs: 2-LED Model

  • Combined LEDs: 2-LED Model
  • This package combines the light from two LEDs of different colors into a single output fiber and uses a patent pending regular pentagon mirrors configuration. The coupling efficiency for respective colors is near those of our single LED sources. The LEDs are driven independently from each other via M8 connectors when connected to any of our driver(s). The electrical connection to our LED drivers is via 1.5 meter long cables with corresponding M8 4-pin connectors.

    Note: The renewed line of Doric LED Drivers has a new connector pinout that does not include pins for fan power. It is thus essential to use a Fan Power Adapter (FPA) when using Connectorized Multi LEDs. This power adapter is suitable for up to 4 LEDs and sold with corresponding M8 cables.

    keyword : optogenetics, led, doric