Tubing Adapters

  • Tubing Adapters
  • Tubing Adapters are small connecting devices used for connecting a probe to the FEP tubing. Two versions fitting the regular FEP tubing are available and one version that fit the MAB 8/10 FEP tubing. The red and blue versions have the larger inner diameter and as with the red FEP tubing these are typically used for color coding the inlet/outlet in a system. If it is desired to use transparent FEP tubing only in a system it is helpful to use either blue or red tubing adapters on inlet/outlet respectively. For the MAB 8/10 products there is only a green version of the tubing adapter available at the moment.

    The Tubing Adapters connects to FEP tubing, probe, pump syringe, swivel etc in a way so that there is no dead volume in the actual connection. Soaking the Tubing Adapters in alcohol for a few minutes will make them expand. It is now easy to slide them onto the FEP tubing. Wait a few minutes and the alcohol will evaporate causing the Tubing Adapter to shrink. It now sits tight to whatever it has been connected to. If attention has been paid to make the FEP tubing inside the Tubing Adapter meet with the syringe needle etc there will not be any dead space present in the Tubing Adapter. Tubing Adapters should not be left in alcohol for storing since this will remove the shrinking effect of the material.

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