Refrigerated Fraction Collector

  • Refrigerated Fraction Collector
  • The MAB 85 Refrigerated Fraction Collector has a technical specification similar to the MAB 80. A main difference is the cooling capability. Another is the dual sample collection mode, either 2 x 20 samples or 1 x 40 samples. It cools the samples collected down to +5 Celsius. This feature gives the MAB 85 a slightly larger foot print of 27 cm x 17 cm. It collects the samples in capped or non-capped 300 µl vials. Passivated stainless steel needles equipped with an air release cannula ensure that air is allowed to pass out from the vial during collection avoiding back pressure to build up inside the vial.

    keyword : microdialysis, collector, instrument, microbiotech/se ab