Fraction Collector

  • Fraction Collector
  • The MAB 80 Fraction Collector is designed for ease of use. A round fixed vial rack holds 40 samples offering easy access to the vials. Optional use of re-sealing caps will maintain sample volumes collected during the experiment. By preventing air from getting in contact with the samples there is no sample loss caused by evaporation. Vials are available in either polystyrene or polypropylene, depending on the sample matrix it may be that one is more suitable. Polypropylene is a less sticky material meaning that compounds with a tendency of attaching to different materials stand a better chance of being possible to analyze. Polystyrene has better properties for not allowing air to get in contact with the sample. When collecting small volumes at low flow rates over longer periods of time this will help maintain expected volumes in the vials. The re-sealing caps offered are made from Santoprene, which is a material with good sealing properties. Foot print of the MAB 80 is 14 x 16 cm meaning that minimal space is required.

    keyword : microdialysis, collector, instrument, microbiotech/se ab