Heating and Cooling: Application Fundamentals

  • Application Fundamentals
  • A recent Medline search using the keywords "temperature" and "cell" produced over 12,000 references since 1995, most addressing the effect of temperature on the biophysical and metabolic function of cells. In addition, the performance of imaging system optics are exquisitely sensitive to temperature as revealed by a shifting focal plane as the temperature of the objective is varied. Therefore, for the scientist studying the function of cells in a recording environment, the importance of tight thermal control cannot be overstated.

    A number of issues confront the researcher attempting to maintain temperature control. These include maintaining a constant and uniform bath temperature under various flow rates and controlling for changes in the ambient temperature of the environment. In addition, effects due to the addition of cold drugs or solution to the perfusion path and heat sinks due to microscope optics and stage adapters must be addressed.

    keyword : imaging, temperature controller, warner instruments