Cube-Mounted Pellicle Beamsplitters

  • Cube-Mounted Pellicle Beamsplitters
  • Thorlabs' Ø1" mounted pellicle beamsplitters are ideal for use in applications where chromatic dispersion must be minimized (i.e. cases where focused beams are necessary). These beamsplitters virtually eliminate ghosting since the second surface reflection is superimposed on the first one. However, they are extremely fragile due to the nitrocellulose membrane being microns thick, which exhibits less than 1/2 wave of variation at 635 nm across its 25 mm diameter. To provide maximum protection from damage, these beamsplitters are housed inside a 30 mm cage-system-compatible cube. The cubes are post-mountable and have SM1-threaded access ports, making them compatible with our entire line of Ø1" lens tubes and accessories. The cubes are M6 x 0.5 threaded, but include 8-32 and M4 mounting adapters. These Beamsplitter cubes can also be connected to other cage cubes with cage rods and our ERSCA adapters.

    keyword : imaging, splitter, combiner, beam modifier, thorlabs