Vesicle Prep Pro Bilayer Apparatus

  • Vesicle Prep Pro Bilayer Apparatus
  • The Nanion Vesicle Prep Pro is a stand-alone workstation for the preparation of giant unilamellar vesicles (GUVs). To form the GUVs, the principle of electro-swelling is used. Lipid is spread on the glass substrate of the vesicle chamber, so that a thin layer of lipid is formed on the substrate. With the application of an alternating electrical field, the lipid layer releases from the electrode and the vesicles are formed. As transparent ITO Slides are used as electrodes the whole process can be observed with a microscope. The electrodes, as well as the liquid reservoir, are held in the Nanion GUV Chamber, while the electrical field is generated by the Vesicle Prep Pro© station. This enables ease of use and a comfortable control of the size of the GUVs. Part of the development of this instrumentation was done within the EU-Project 019335 ‘Translocation’.

    keyword : electrophysiology, planar lipid bilayer system, automate scientific