NMN-21 Micromanipulator

  • NMN-21 Micromanipulator
  • Drift and electromagnetic disturbance are critical problems in patch clamping work.

    This mechanical micromanipulator was developed specifically for patch clamping: it does not employ a liquid hydraulic system (which is prone to drift caused by temperature changes), has no spring (a common cause of mechanical drifting), nor a motor (which is a source of noise).

    Its body is designed to absorb vibrations, so that even at high magnifications, problems of vibrations are virtually non-existent. Based on a drum type design, which is highly reputed as a liquid hydraulic method, and with a very stable center of gravity, this model provides exceptionally steady and stable performance.

    The overall design is compact, so installation requires a minimum of space. With coarse and fine manipulators integrated in the compact body, this model handles a full range of required movements, from moving a microelectrode into the microscope view field to making contact with the cell.

    keyword : electrophysiology, manipulator, narishige