Ussing System for Epithelial Research

  • Ussing System for Epithelial Research
  • WPI’s Ussing System offers researchers a quick, effective means of making low-resistance electrical connections to the Ussing chamber without need of long agar bridges or Calomel half-cells. Ag/AgCl half-cells screw into short tubes which plug firmly into place in the chamber’s Luer ports. These direct-connect electrodes eliminate the inconvenience and expense of Calomel half-cells in open liquids. The system includes one Ussing Chamber (eight sizes available), support stand, electrode kit, glass circulation reservoir (two sizes available), and a tubing start-up kit (25 feet of 0.375-in. tubing, 10 feet of 0.156-in. tubing, plus four male Luer fittings, two compressor clamps, one Y-connector, and one clip). Sixteen possible system configurations are listed at right. Components are also available separately. (Preamplifier in photo not included.)

    keyword : electrophysiology, epithelial ussing transport, wpi