NaviCyte Horizontal Ussing System

  • NaviCyte Horizontal Ussing System
  • The NaviCyte Horizontal System is specifically designed to allow transport studies on cells and tissues exposed to an air interface. The system features the capability of running up to six chambers simultaneously and is optimized for transport studies on both filter grown monolayers and surgically excised tissue sections.

    • Able to measure transport at an air interface (eg, nasal, corneal, pulmonary, or dermal tissue)

    • Designed for both electrophysiological and diffusion-only measurements

    • Employs reusable glass-barrel electrodes with ceramic frits

    • Supports up to 6 chambers in a single heated holder

    • Supports Snapwell culture cups

    • Compatible with UssingChart software and hardware

    keyword : electrophysiology, epithelial ussing transport, warner instruments