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      • EMS64-USB-1003_small.png
      • Amplifiers

        the new generation of Multi-Electrode Arrays (MEAs) and high-performance amplifiers.

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      • Pen MEAS

        to record electrical activation and excitation of perfused cardiac tissues in chamber or a whole heart from mouse, rat, Guinea pig, rabbit, sheep and dog in vivo and ex vivo, These electrode arrays are typically arranged as 32, 36 and 64 grids for recording electrical signals..

      • Flexible MEAS_small.png
      • Flexible MEAS

        flexible MEAs is to have a close contact between the tissue and the electrodes, therefore, it makes them a perfect candidate for in vivo studies in heart and brain.

      • Glass MEAS_small.png
      • Glass MEAS

        The Glass Microelectrode Arrays are a powerful tool to provide a simplified model for cardiac and neuronal network research.

      • EmapScope_analysis_small.PNG
      • EmapScope-Analysis

        EMapScope is a high performance analysis software with an user-friendly interface.