1. "Scitech Korea Inc."

    Worked in partnership with USA concept international companies & Huntleigh Healthcare company as JeSe Corporation

    Jan. 1986
  2. "Contracted With Other Manufactures"

    Hugo Sachs Electronic in Germany, Columbus Instruments in US & other

    Nov. 1988
  3. "Energy Research Contracted With Fuel Cell"

    Created Energy research depart, Agency contracted with Fuel Cell

    Dec. 2003
  4. "Daejeon Branch"

    Established Daejeon branch

    Jun. 2015
  5. "Distributor With 100s Manufactures In 30s Countries."

    Distributor 100s well known manufacturers specialized in physiology, pharmacology and neuroscience over the world.

  6. "Small But Powerfull Company"

    Scitech Korea was designated as “small but powerfull company”
    in 2017 by Seoul Autonomous Govermment.