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    Building Testing Stations For the Fuel Cell World

    Fuel Cell Test Station
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    Single or Multi Channel AC Impedance Measurement System

    Stack Station 30kW
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    Full Automation Control & Monitoring Software Programming

    Conductivity Test Bench
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    Single Test Station


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    Redox Flow Battery Test Station 30kW

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    HIGH-Power Stack Test Station

    -Fuel Cell 100kW, 200kW
    -Water Electrolyzer Stack

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    PEM, AEM, Alkaline ~20kW Electrolyzer Test Station
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싸이텍코리아 에너지 주요 거래처

  • We have provided various testing station and
    equipment for the alternative energy applications.

Energy Business Area

  • Hydrogen fuel cell

  • laboratory R&D

  • Special battery

  • R&D applications

  • Hardware & Software

Major Customers

  • KIER

  • KIST


  • KRIC



  • GIST

  • hyundai

  • hyundai mobis

  • LG Electronics

  • LG Chem

  • Samsung sdi

  • Doosan

  • Kolonindustries

  • Sang-a Frontec

  • kdnavien