MASCIS Impactor

  • MASCIS Impactor
  • The MASCIS Impactor is a device designed to deliver graded reproducible spinal cord contusions in rats. Developed over ten years ago, the Impactor is part of a well-defined rodent spinal cord injury model that is used in over 100 laboratories around the world. In addition, more than 50% of recent publications on spinal cord injury research used the MASCIS Impactor. Most of the recommended procedures for the Impactor are based on experience with the model and work done by the Multicenter Animal Spinal Cord Injury Study (MASCIS).

    The Impactor is now in its third generation (Model III) with many improvements over previous models. It is available in a model with data recording capability which requires a Windows XP computer. It is also available in a basic model (Model II) which only does the impact, not the recording of data.

    keyword : surgical instruments, head, spinal cord impactor, rutgers