Solis™ LED Driver

  • Solis™ LED Driver
  • Thorlabs' DC20 Driver is designed to provide a simple way to control any of Thorlabs' Solis LEDs. Easy to set up and use, this driver is an ideal solution for users of our Solis LEDs who don't require the more advanced functions provided by the DC2200 Touchscreen LED Driver. See the Solis LED Drivers tab for a comparison between the DC20 and the DC2200 drivers.

    The current provided to the LED is controlled by turning the knob on the top of the driver. The position on the top panel marked LIMIT will correspond to the maximum LED current for the connected Solis LED, as the driver automatically detects and sets the current limit to the value stored in each Solis LED's internal memory to protect it from being overdriven. Pushing on the knob will either switch the LED on at the percentage of the maximum current indicated by the control knob position or turn it off. Alternatively, the LED can be modulated using an external TTL signal connected to a BNC input on the back of the driver's housing. See the Specs tab for the TTL signal requirements.

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