BioCAM Stimulator X

  • BioCAM Stimulator X
  • The stimulator is an add-on module that expands the functionality of BioCAM X. The module has been designed to be integrated inside the BioCAM X to save your equipment space.
    The module’s channels can be directly accessed through the BioCAM X’s rear connector or, more easily, through the included BX110A external connector box. The stimulator module features (see full specs):

    • 4 independently programmable current stimulation channels up to +/-1 mA (time res. 10 μs, amplitude res. 10 μA)

    • routing toward 16 on-chip stimulation sites (HD-MEA Stimulo)

    • routing to 4 external differential channels (for use with your external electrodes)

    • three LV-TTL GPIOs

    keyword : electrophysiology, mea, 3brain